Are you itching to read a new fantasy novel? If so, we have some fantastic suggestions for you in this guide. With this in mind, let’s get straight to the books.

Option 1 – Disc World by Terry Pratchett

Even though Terry Patchett sadly passed away only recently, many people are still being drawn to his fantastic Disc World Series every single day. Of course, if you’re going to read the entire thing, you need to be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights – because the entire series spans over 40 series. However, there’s no denying that his fantastic biting satire and analysis of the human condition expressed through his wonderful characters is something that has never been rivalled since.

Ultimately, some of his works are truly transcendent, and it’s the type of series that you simply must read if you’re interested in fantasy novels.

Option 2 – The Farseer by Robin Hobb

Here’s another wonderful fantasy series by Robin Hobb, and the very first book, entitled Assassin’s Apprentice, is easily one of her finest works ever. Many people suggest this book actually foreshadowed the game of thrones series, and even George RR Martin himself has admitted being a huge fan of these works. So if you love the Game of Thrones style of gritty realism, then you’re going to be in love with this wonderful series as well.

With 8 very large novels in the series, it’s certainly a large undertaking when you commit to reading all of these books, but the time will soon fly by once you are lost in the vividly real characters and experiencing their life in the story.

Some of her descriptive writing are second to none, and she really manages to put you in the scene in a way which few writers are able to do. Because of this, these books are some of the most recommended and well-reviewed in the entire fantasy genre – and it’s easy to see why.