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First volume of The Enforcer series released!

From a galaxy torn by civil war to a sleepy planet on the edge of the known universe, Enforcer Jakai del Quint pursues the failed Warlord Dorno Ban Sant to final showdown leaving Jakai alone and stranded on a planet called Earth far from the civilization he fought to protect. More than a hundred years later Jakai awakes, freed from his hibernation by a curious hiker. Together, hunted by Earth’s most powerful governments, fleeing from covert alien “observers,” they join together to pursue Jakai’s need to bring long delayed justice to the vicious warlord now using his advanced technology to dominate Earth.

Coming Soon Enforcer Rebirth and Enforcers Triumphant

Avaliable in epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, and txt

Next Children of the Dragon Nimbus story released

Jaylor is forced to send his twin daughters on their journeymen missions. Lily is robust and has an affinity with plants and their healing properties but no recognized magical ability. Val has an unmatchable talent and like Glenndon the imagination to work magic in unusual ways. But using magic costs the spell-thrower physically and Val is frail; she needs to find solutions to problems without drawing too heavily on her talent.

Avaliable in Kindle and ePub.

So You Want To Commit Novel
available at Sky Warrior Books

Award-winning science fiction and fantasy author of more than 29 books and editor, Phyllis Irene Radford (Irene Radford, P.R. Frost, C.F. Bentley), gives you the tools to writing the best novel possible in this book. Learn how to really write a synopsis, realistic characters, and even how to get through the muddle in the middle. She tells you how to format for electronic submissions, how to write sex or lovemaking, and so much more in this writing primer.

Avaliable in Kindle, epub, Palm Doc and LRF

Magna Bloody Carta available at Bookview Cafe

Is the Magna Carta better than the US Constitution? Was it a power grab by English noblemen, or is it a rights of man declaration penned by Robin Hood? The answers may surprise you as author and historian Irene Radford picks apart the clauses and explains them in context to the history surrounding this amazing document. Magna Carta, a true turning point in the history of democracy.

Avaliable in Kindle and ePub.

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