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Steampunk Voyages released!

Steampunk’s big, brassy, powerful, and sweaty way of looking at the world sideways inspires six stories of the Victorian age of wonder. Irene Radford offers new and old stories that reach from a weapon of mass destruction that could change the outcome of the U.S. Civil War, the truth behind why the ballet Giselle disappeared for nearly fifty years, pirates in Indonesia questioning whether we should control technology or be controlled by it, to a glimpse of Princess Victoria coming of age, as secret operatives try to protect her from madmen acting in the name of long dead Lord Byron. Adding to the fun Steampunk Voyages includes a sneak peek at an upcoming novel in the world of dirigibles, necromancy, a steam powered book catalog, and hints of romance.

Steampunk Voyages released!

In Speculative Journeys, Irene Radford extends her short story collections into science fiction and contemporary fantasy with fourteen tales both old and new. Why is time-travel reserved for wealthy tourists and forbidden to historians? Can a spaceship captain keep secrets from her communication officer who speaks every language in the universe—even ones without words? Is a maze cut into solid granite a portal to a safer world…or something else?

Next Children of the Dragon Nimbus story released

Lukan—son of the witchwoman Brevelan and Jaylor, the Chancellor of the university of Magicians—is determined to break free of his family’s shadow and find his own place in the world. Joining him is the bard Skeller, returning to his own kingdom to take up the unwanted responsibilities of a king’s son. A mad king, a power-hungry witch, a people held captive by fear, and the very monsters that had nearly destroyed Coronnan stand between them and their goals.

Avaliable in Kindle and ePub.

Fantastical Voyages

Roam with Herakles in search of a safe home for a magical sword, go into exile with a descendant of Merlin, and learn the wisdom of a wolfhound pup to wander along newly forged paths into the imagination. Award winning author Irene Radford presents twelve fantasy stories including classics, out of print anthology pieces, and a tantalizing new tale or two.

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